Tips for Relocating Your Pet When Moving Overseas

A pet is a special member of your family. Just like humans, moving overseas can be a huge adjustment for your pets and can be difficult with certain country and airport regulations. Planning ahead of time will ensure that your pet will be traveling safely and comfortably. Below are some tips for making this transition easier.

1. Talk to the Vet. Check with your veterinarian to find out the health and vaccination requirements for the country you are moving to. After making sure your pet is up to date on all medical care, make a copy of all necessary paperwork (exams, vaccinations and health report) that you may need in your new country. In addition, before moving you should find a vet in your new country of residence before.

2. Airlines. Check with your airline to see if your pet can accompany you in the main area of the plane or if they have to be crated below. Also, find out their policy for taking care of pets during the flight with water, food, etc.

3. Crates. If you pet needs to be put in a crate during the international flight, begin to train your pet weeks before flight so that the animal is more comfortable in its surroundings. The crate should be specially made for flights so that it cannot collapse and a water bowl is securely fastened to the bottom.

4. Flight Preparations. Try to book your flight so that you arrive on a week day. This way, if your pet gets sick during the flight you can take them to the vet the day you arrive. In addition, you should have toys and dry food ready for your pet during the flight. Make sure to have your pet’s identification in both English and your new country’s native language so that if some how you get separated, someone can get in contact with you about your pet.

5. Relaxation. Before your take off on the flight, have your pet exercise to release energy. This way they will be more able feel more relaxed while traveling. Also, talk to your vet about anxiety medications or tranquilizers for the flight.

It is always a good idea to use your international moving company as a resource to finding out different countries and airlines pet requirements. This takes some of the pressure of moving over seas off of you. If you live in Maryland (MD), Washington, D.C. or Virginia (VA) and are looking for an international moving company who specializes in all details of your move - from pets to packing – call Platinum Moving today!

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