Should You Pack Your Belongings Yourself or Hire a Moving Company?

Whether you are moving down the block or overseas, one of the first questions that pops into your head when you are planning to move is “Can I move and ship all of my stuff myself or should I hire a moving company?” The next question is usually, “Well, how much will hiring a moving company cost me?” In the end, you decide the best way to save money is to pack your belongings yourself and only hire a moving company to transport your property and move it to your new home or office.

Many of our first-time moving customers from Maryland (MD), Washington, DC and Northern Virginia (VA) come to us with their mind set on doing their own packing and having us be responsible for the move itself. When preparing for a move, customers believe they can pack everything in their homes in a single weekend or maybe a few afternoons after work. However, moving customers often discover that it takes them over an entire week and several sleepless nights running against the clock as moving day quickly approaches.

The most common mistake customers make when considering whether to do their own packing for a domestic or international move is underestimating the actual amount of work required to get everything securely and properly wrapped and into their respective moving boxes. Packing household goods and personal items takes more work than most people think and can be very risky if packing is not done properly. At the end of the move, many of our customers who decided to pack themselves said if they were to redo the entire moving process again, they would hire our moving company to take care of the entire moving and shipping process, from planning and packing to transportation and final delivery.

However, packing and moving yourself can be beneficial to different types of movers. Young adults and college students who do not have many valuable objects are usually active and have enough free time to do their own packing and moving with no issues. Retirees with no children living at home, and who are moving to a smaller home do not have a lot of items to move, so they face few moving problems. However, married couples, families with children and those who have many delicate and valuable items should hire a moving company to package their items. Not only do moving companies have more experience moving and packing large quantities of items, but they also know the best methods to packaging and securing your belongings, keeping all of your possessions safe throughout the move from your current home or office to anywhere in the world.

The following is a list of common complaints our moving company hears from those who do their own packing:

  • “It was much harder work than I thought it would be.”
  • “Nights before moving day, I had little or no sleep to ensure everything was packed before the movers arrived.”
  • “I underestimated the amount of packing materials needed, so I had to stop by the store several times to pick up more moving materials.”
  • “I could not find the proper packing and moving materials to pack things correctly and make sure they would be safe during the move.”
  • “I did not know how to pack the most valuable and fragile items to keep them safe during the shipping and transportation portion of the move.”
  • “Finding time to pack and prepare for the move was difficult when I have to take care of my kids too.”
  • “Often, I had to unpack moving boxes that were already packed because I forgot to do inventory and lost track of where things were and what I already packed.”

Preparing for Your Next Move

If you are single or a young married couple with no children and few belongings, packing yourself rather than hiring a moving company can be efficient and save you money. However, if you have been married for several years or have children, most likely you have accumulated a greater amount of possessions, so hiring a moving company to plan, pack, ship and transport your household items to your next place can save you time and money. Not only will you avoid the hassles involved in packing and moving, but you will have time to take care of the more important aspects of your move (such as transferring your mail, changing your billing addresses and many more) while knowing your belongings will arrive at their new home on time and undamaged.

Whether you have an office relocating down the street or you are moving to another country, our moving company will make your moving process go as smoothe as possible. If you are currently located in Maryland (MD), Washington, DC or Northern Virginia (VA), contact Platinum Moving today to ensure all of your things get to your new place in one piece!

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