Shipping Your Belongings Overseas: The Basics

The Packing Process

Before you move, an estimator from an international moving company will come to your home and estimate the cost of your move based on the amount of goods you plan to ship. When packing for an international move, it is important to document everything that you are bringing. This is the perfect time to go through your belongings and decide what you should keep, what you should give away and what you should throw away. Cleaning out unnecessary items from your home will make the transition much easier and keep the cost down.

Once you have packed items into a box, write the room and items on the outside so that you know where the box will go, in your new home. In addition, write your last name on every box so if one gets separated it can easily be matched up with the rest of your shipment.

Items To Buy Overseas

For certain items, it is important to weigh the costs to ship vs. the value of the item. With extra taxes and shipping charges, it may be more practical to buy electronics and other big ticket items in your new country of residence rather than ship them overseas. In addition, by purchasing some items overseas, you may better adapt to the new culture you are living in.

Items That You Cannot Ship Overseas

Paint, flammables, guns and narcotics are not permitted when shipping overseas. Many times, international moving companies will require that they pack a customer’s items in order to be sure that no hazardous items are present and that each shipment will meet inspection.

If you plan on bringing food and alcohol overseas, you will have to be prepared to submit detailed information about ingredients in the food, value to food and alcohol and any other documentation that the new country may need.

For more information on shipping policies and rates, contact an international moving company. If you live in Maryland (MD), Virginia (VA) or Washington D.C. and are looking for a moving company for your international move, call Platinum Moving today!

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