Moving Tips: Packing Electronics Safely and Smartly

If you have moved before, you know how painful it can be setting up your televisions and computers in your new home while looking for the right cables scattered among your life’s belongings. Fortunately, a little planning and organization while packing your electronics before your move can make settling into your new home much more enjoyable!

What You Will Need to Pack Electronics:

  • Pen or marker
  • Packing tape (that you can write on)
  • Twisty ties
  • Sealable bags
  • Static-free foam and bubble wrap.

Packing Electronics Step 1: Label Your Cords and Cables

Before unplugging and packing your electronics, take time to look behind your electronic devices at how all of the cables connect. Use little strips of the packing tape to make labels for each cord, writing what electronic device it belongs to and any additional notes that may help when putting it back together.

Packing Electronics Step 2: Unplug and Tie Your Cables Together

As you unplug each cable, fold it together tightly and secure it with a twisty tie. This will help prevent your cables from getting tangled together and will keep everything organized from the very beginning.

Packing Electronics Step 3: Pack Your Electronic Components Items Together

Keep all of the parts and pieces of each electronic device together. If you can, put all of the cords and parts of a specific electronic device in a sealable bag so they stay together. That way, when you start to put together your TV, you know where all the components are!

Packing Electronics Step 4: Safely Wrap and Pack Your Electronics

For electronic devices with monitors, it is best to wrap them in a layer of anti-static foam to prevent any scratching on the screen during its move. You may want to cover other electronics and components with anti-static foam as well because it is typically thin and will keep your electronics from bumping against each other and scratching. As you box your electronics, be sure to fill the empty spaces (including above and below the device) with either bubble wrap or newspaper to help absorb any shock and prevent your valuables from moving around too much.

Packing Electronics Step 5: Organize Boxes While Packing Electronics

When packing your electronics, it may be easier for you to organize your boxes by category or by room. Whatever works best for you, be sure to keep your packed electronics and accessories together. Clearly label your boxes, mark them as fragile, and signify with an arrow which way is “up”, or the top of the box.

Packing Electronics Step 6: Unpack Your Electronics with Ease!

When you arrive at your new home, all of your packed electronics will be clearly labeled, together, and tangle-free! As you put your electronics where they belong, it will be a quick and easy step to find the components you need to plug everything.

Smart planning and organization can make a world of difference to your moving experience. Call the professional movers at Platinum Moving to learn more about packing electronics and how they can make your move easier!

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