National Moving Services

istock_000009486914xsmallIf your move is across state lines, Platinum Moving Services has several options for you, depending on factors such as distance, origin and destination points.

In cases where your move is within 200 miles of Washington DC, Maryland (MD) or Northern Virginia (VA) we can perform both origin and destination services, regardless of whether you are starting in the Washington, DC Metro Area and moving to a neighboring State, or vice versa.

In cases where your move is further than 200 miles from Washington, DC, Maryland (MD) or Northern Virginia (VA) we will employ one of our many high quality moving agents in the US with whom we have working relationships in order to minimize costs to you.

If your move originates in the Washington, DC, Maryland (MD), Northern Virginia (VA) metro area, we will pack your household goods, and personal belongings, and our agent will perform the destination services.

If you’re starting point is in another state, our agent will perform the origin services, and we will perform the destination services. In either case we will also arrange for the best and most economical transportation method, and coordinate everything for you, so you can take care of your family during this busy time.

Occasionally we have clients who are neither moving to or from the Washington DC, Metro Area but still want us to take care of the relocation.

Our vast experience in integrated logistics, allows us to broker the move for these clients. What we do in these cases is arrange for agents to perform both the origin and destination services, and take care of the transportation needs. All you need to do is give us the particulars of your move, and for a small fee we will take care of all the logistics for you. This eliminates the hassles of having to deal with multiple companies, arranging dates, keeping track of your belongings, and so forth.

Just as in the case with local moves, if you prefer to reduce costs, you can perform the packing yourself. We will be happy to provide all the packing materials you will need.

Ready to get started? Call Platinum Moving Services today for all of your long distance, cross country moving needs!

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