Local Moving Services in Washington, DC, Maryland (MD) & Northern Virginia (VA)

istock_000005911520xsmallIf you are moving within the Washington, DC, Maryland (MD), Northern Virginia (VA)  metro region, we can pack and prepare your belongings for transport, deliver them to your new residence, and place everything within your new home. We take care of the disassembling and re-assembling of beds and other large furniture pieces, and remove all moving debris from your new home. We can provide these services for whole or partial homes. Whether you need to move a few boxes, one piece of furniture, or your whole home, Platinum Moving Services is the right choice for you.

If you prefer to reduce costs, we can provide all the necessary packing materials and you can perform the packing yourself, while we will still do all the heavy lifting and moving for you.

Call Platinum Moving Services today for a quote on your upcoming Washington, DC, Maryland (MD) or Northern Virginia (VA) area move!

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