International Moving Checklist – Part Two (of Three)

As moving day draws closer, it is time to start making actual travel arrangements. In the few months leading up to the move, it’s helpful to use a checklist (specifically for international moving) to take stock of which belongings you will be moving and which ones you’ll be storing or giving away.

You’ll also start organizing the actual trip and making arrangements for a change of address. In part two of our international moving checklist, we’ll detail the steps you should take in the two months before your move. Remember, this international moving checklist is meant to serve as a general guideline – your situation may vary slightly.

International Moving Checklist – 60 Days Before the Move

Get ready to move

  • Start writing a list of everything you are planning to move. Arrange an appointment with your moving company for a pre-move survey. The pre-move survey is critical for a successful move because it gives you a chance to ask about the time required for delivery, the means of transportation that you should use, whether you will need insurance coverage (and how much) and what documents you will need at customs.
  • Figure out your vehicle situation. Are you going to transport your car overseas or buy one there? Who can transport your vehicle and how much will it cost?
  • If you have a pet, find out how you can transport it and how you can get it through customs (or refer to our blog post about how to move pets internationally). Don’t forget about Fido!!

Trip organization

  • Make airline reservations in advance and be sure to keep your tickets after you arrive at the ultimate destination – these may be requested at customs when you arrive at your destination.
  • Make car reservations if necessary.
  • Make temporary living accommodations while you wait for your belongings to be moved.

Change of address

  • Inform any necessary authorities, including landlords, of your upcoming departure (if applicable).
  • Inform various organizations you are a part of or magazines you subscribe to of your upcoming change of address so that you can either transfer your subscriptions or cancel your contracts.
  • Make arrangements to shut off your water, light and telephone service 24 hours after your moving date, and to turn them on in your new country within 24 hours of your arrival. Doing these things now will help smooth the transition later – when things are likely to be way more hectic come moving day.

International Moving Checklist –30 Days Before the Move

Start cleaning

  • Have the linens, curtains and carpets in your home cleaned.
  • Sort all of your belongings and decide which ones you will be taking with you and which you will be leaving behind. Sort the items you will not be bringing into a storage pile, a sell pile, a give away pile and a throw away pile.
  • If you decide to give things away, contact all of the charities you will be donating them to and see if you can make arrangements for them to come and pick the things up. Make sure you get receipts for the tax man for a bonus tax write off!

An international move is almost always a stressful time, but a little advanced planning can go a very long way toward making that stress manageable. Use this international moving checklist as a guide to make sure your move goes as smoothly as possible. If you are moving overseas from Maryland, Virginia or Washington DC and need help with any part of your international move, call the experts at Platinum Movers today!

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