International Moving Checklist – Part One (of Three)

An international move is a huge step that requires months, if not years, of careful planning. Before you begin, it helps to build an international moving checklist that details everything you need to do in order to make your international move a success. Use the following international moving checklist as a guide to make sure you have everything you need for your international move.

International Moving Checklist – 90 Days Before the Move

Begin consular procedures | International Moving Checklist

  • As soon as you can, get all the information about how to obtain important documents such as your visa, residency and work permits. These procedures can take a long time – sometimes months – so it is best to begin as soon as possible.
  • Find out about all the documents you will need in order to export your belongings and import them into your destination country. Depending on your status you may qualify for certain benefits such as duty and tax exemptions.
  • Renew your family’s passports.
  • Obtain an international driver’s license. This may require you to visit a driving school and pass a practical or written driving test.

Educate yourself about your destination | International Moving Checklist

  • Digest every bit of information you can about your new country, from books, brochures, DVDs and the internet before your international move. Encourage your family to read and learn with you.
  • Find out if your electronic devices will work in your destination country. Many countries use different electrical standards than the US, so you may find yourself needing adapters or transformers in order to use your electronics.
  • Learn about the currency in the country you are moving to and start familiarizing yourself with the conversion rate.
  • If you are unfamiliar with the language, start practicing it as early as possible.
  • Consider enrolling in a cross-cultural program that will prepare you and your family for communicating and doing business in a foreign country.

Search for a new home | International Moving Checklist

  • Obtain information about the real estate market in your host country. Find out if there are any expat neighborhoods (which are usually close to international schools) where you can live near other American expats.
  • In some countries, home appliances and even furniture come included in new homes. Be sure to take this into account when determining the cost of your new home.
  • If you are moving for work, find out if your employer will provide you with relocation services. Relocation companies will help you with things setting up all of your utilities in your new home. They may even help you open a new bank account or obtain a visa.

Search for new schools | International Moving Checklist

  • As early as possible, start looking for a new school for your children. Many international organizations can give you information about international schools and can compare the education levels of the international schools to those in the US.

Get health information | International Moving Checklist

  • Get health information from your specific country of destination, and find out how healthcare is structured in your new country.
  • Obtain international health insurance to cover you and your family in your new country.
  • Find out what vaccinations you will need and schedule appointments to obtain them all within a few weeks of your international move.
  • Renew any prescriptions you need so that you can continue any treatments abroad. Remember to ask for your medical files as well.

When you are preparing for an international move, the little details are often the ones that cause the most stress. Using an international moving checklist to keep them all straight can take much of the hassle out of the process.If you live in Maryland, Virginia or Washington, DC and are planning an international move, call Platinum Moving today!

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