The Top 10 Moving Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them!)

We’ve all heard the horror stories – people who weren’t prepared for their move or who didn’t have full information about the moving company or moving process and ended up getting burned by the people they thought were going to help them. At Platinum Moving, we want to help you avoid the most common moving mistakes so that your next move will be as smooth as possible.

Top 10 Moving Mistakes

Getting your estimate online or over the phone most moving companies charge for their services based on the weight of the things you need moved. Therefore, it is simply impossible for them to give you an accurate estimate on the phone or online. Avoid this moving mistake by looking for a professional moving company that will meet you at your home for a consultation. This way they can assess the size and weight of the items they will be shipping for you.

Only getting one estimate you can’t know the “average” cost of moving if you only get one estimate! Shop around and find out what other companies charge so you can be sure you’re getting a fair price. Also, if companies know you’re also looking at their competitors, they may be more willing to negotiate deals.

Choosing the lowest estimate based solely on cost the old adage is always true - you get what you pay for. Choosing a moving company based on price is one of the most common moving mistakes people make! Many times, less reputable companies will lowball their prices to get you to sign on with their services, tacking the remaining cost onto your bill at the end – once the actual amount of weight is determined.

Thinking it will be cheaper to move yourself than to hire a moving companyof course, this could end up being true. But the cost to do it yourself adds up quickly (don’t underestimate how many miles you’ll put on that truck driving it back and forth!), and when you factor in the time requirements and the physical and mental stress of actually having to lift all of your furniture and place it on the truck yourself, it might make more sense to hire a moving company.

Not getting a binding estimate – make sure you get your estimate in writing, as this will make it much easier to settle any disputes that may arise about prices or services. If you don’t feel comfortable with the estimate or the contract you get or the people you’re dealing with, attempt to renegotiate or find another mover – one of the worst moving mistakes you can make is to go with a moving company that you don’t trust.

Hiring a moving company during their busy season – moving companies are busiest at the following times (in this order): during the summer, at the beginning of each month and right in the middle of each month. For the best rates and service, contact a moving company during the colder months and as close to the 7th or 21st of the month as possible.

Not giving the movers full information the movers already know that they’re going to have to pick up your 150lb sofa and move it around. But did you tell them that they’re going to have to hike it up two flights of stairs? Or that they’ll have to navigate the moving truck down a narrow, winding driveway? Situations like these can increase your costs, and if they are not discussed up front they can throw off the original estimate significantly.

Not setting a budget when you move, you (usually) want to keep as much of your stuff as possible. However, consider the cost of moving Grandma’s 500lb oak chest before you decide if you want to keep it or not. A big moving mistake is thinking that you need to keep everything - moving is expensive, and the more you minimize, the better off you’ll be. Decide up front how much you’re willing to spend, then pack accordingly.

Not paying for moving insurance most moving companies will compensate you for damaged or broken items. The amount of compensation, however, usually adds up to about 60 cents per pound – not much consolation if a mover drops your 50lb, $1,000 flat screen TV. Make sure you avoid this moving mistake – even if the cost for moving insurance seems high up front, the stress it will save you from is worth much more.

Not taking action if you feel you’ve been wronged – when a moving company makes a mistake, either in the form of a damaged item or a misleading bill, they will usually take care of it quickly if you ask them to. If your moving company doesn’t, you can usually take them to small claims court to get what you deserve. Also, if you end up with a scam artist who won’t release your stuff unless you pay a ransom (this does happen), you can usually call the police and have them help you deal with it. The worst thing you can do is sit back while a moving company overcharges and under delivers.

If you plan out your move and take care to avoid these common moving mistakes, your move will be much smoother and less stressful. If you’re looking for a professional moving company to help you move from Maryland, Virginia or Washington, DC, call Platinum Moving today!

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