Choosing a Good Moving Company While Getting a Fair Price – Part 2: Getting a Quote From Potential Movers

You narrowed down your list of moving companies to only a few that passed your basic quality requirements. Now, it is time to get a quote to estimate how much each of these moving companies will charge you to move all of your belongings out of your current residence and into your new home or office.

Getting a Moving Quote

1. Ask each moving company if they perform on-site surveys. Reputable moving companies quote their moving services AFTER conducting an on-site survey. Distrust any company that will give you a quote over the phone without visiting your residence or office as this will be purely speculative.

There are many factors that go into quoting your move, which can only be taken into account by performing a survey. The most important aspect to consider in calculating the cost of your move is the total volume or the weight of your belongings being moved.

The moving industry’s standard conversion formula is 7 pounds per cubic foot of household goods. However, packing 800 cubic feet of furniture is not the same as packing and moving the same volume of plates, kitchenware, decorations, books or other small objects.

Other factors that affect the moving rate is the amount of delicate and fragile objects being handled and packed (fine china, crystals, porcelain or other delicate decorations), any items that need to be crated (such as fine furniture, musical instruments, art pieces and glass table tops), accessibility to the residence, long hallways, the number of stair flights and the number of furniture pieces that must be disassembled to load and fit onto the moving trucks

2. Take advantage of moving companies that provide free on-site surveys. Some moving companies charge rates as high as $75 for on-site surveys, but often reimburse you if you choose their moving company to do your move.

If the moving company provides on-site surveys or moving quotes, ask for a written quotation or a moving contract with all the shipping and moving services clearly listed out. For example, don’t expect delivery to more than one address or assembly of furniture other than beds if the quotation does not state that the moving company will provide those services. Unless the move is international, when requesting a quotation, you should have the option to receive a flat rate quotation or a per-hour of labor quotation.

When receiving your moving estimate, expect additional charges for the following items: Difficult access to residence, especially if the moving truck has to be parked more than 30 yards away from the building’s entrance.

  • Delivery to more than one address.
  • Delivery above the second floor if there are no elevators.
  • Long hallways.
  • Warehousing and storage services (per month, plus in and out charges)
  • Handling of heavy objects.
  • Packing of art, fine china, crystals and fine objects.
  • Crating such as for grandfather clocks, pianos and other musical instruments and marble, glass or crystal pieces.

When receiving a quote for your move, inform the moving company exactly what you want to do to ensure the most accurate estimate. At Platinum Moving, we provide on-site surveys at no charge! If you are located in Maryland (MD), Washington, DC or Northern Virginia (VA), schedule an appointment to receive a free quote today!

Come back and visit our blog to read about the final step in selecting a quality mover at a great price - comparing all the quotes and choosing the right moving company to take care of your move for you!

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