Deciding What to Bring When Moving Overseas

Even before you hire an international moving company to come to your house and pack your belongings, it is important for you to do some prep work.  Although it seems like a daunting task to take a look at all your possessions and decide what should stay and what should go, in the long run it will save you money and decrease your stress.

1.  Start Early.  The earlier you start with your moving arrangements, hiring an international moving company and organizing your possessions, the less stress you will feel during the moving process.  Look at moving as the perfect opportunity to get rid of things that you have acquired over several years but do not need anymore.

2.  Research where you are moving to.  Find out about the weather patterns and climate.  If you are moving to an area that is very hot and humid, you can neglect bringing lots of cold weather clothes.  Also, high humidity can ruin old antique furniture, so you may consider selling or putting those valuable items into storage.  Certain areas may also have a modesty dress code which you can take into consideration while you pack.

3.  Ask yourself how big your new residence is.  If you are downsizing from a five bedroom house to a three bedroom apartment, there is no way that all your furniture will fit into your new home.  Decision about household items will also depend on how permanent your move is.  If you plan to return to the United States in the next few years, you may be more inclined to put your items into storage rather than give them away.

4.  You should also do research on the electrical outlets in the new country you are moving to.  If they are different from the United States, it will be pointless to take the majority of your smaller electronics, such as hair dryers and toasters. By figuring this out early, it will give you enough time to do research about what you will need and where you should buy the time you move.

5.  Categorize your belonging into four different sections: Keep, Sell, Store and Give Away.  Critically look at all your belongings and decide whether or not they need to come with you to your new home.  Not only will this help you clear out unnecessary items from your home, you will also be able to inventory all of the important items that you will need to take with you during the international move.

By taking these extra steps to de-clutter your life before you move, you will not have the burden of paying to ship items that are not essential to your life in the new country.  Also, you have the reassurance that you know where all your belongings are going.  If you live in Washington D.C., Maryland (MD) or Virginia (VA) and are looking for an international moving company to pack those necessary items for your overseas move, call Platinum Moving today!

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