Choosing a Good Moving Company While Getting a Fair Price – Part 3: Comparing all the Moving Quotes and Hiring the Moving Company

After narrowing down your list of potential moving companies and receiving several quotations for your move, it is time to compare the moving companies and their quotes and make the most important decision you will make for your move - choosing the right moving company.

First, make sure all of the quotations are offering the same moving services. Large differences in rates may simply mean that the moving companies are not offering similar moving services. For example, one moving company may simply place delicate objects into carton boxes while another may construct wooden crates on-site.

Second, compare the moving rates. Assuming you are looking at comparable moving services, you can reasonably expect up to a 20% difference between the lowest and highest quote. However, don’t automatically assume that the lowest rate means terrible moving service or that the highest rate means excellent moving service. Think about why there may be a difference in the rates the moving companies are offering you. There are many factors that can influence moving rates, from the experience of the moving company’s employees to what quality and how much packing materials are used. Large moving companies have higher overhead costs- than smaller moving companies, but are most likely to have proven track records.

However, if any moving quotation is substantially higher or lower (20% or more) than the next immediate quotation, you should be suspicious of that moving company and the quality of its moving services.

If a quotation is substantially higher than the rest of the moving companies, then that moving company may be overcharging for their moving services. If a moving company offers a much lower moving estimate than the other moving companies, then the moving company may be “low balling” the quotation to obtain your bid:

Unfortunately, some moving companies use dishonest practices. Some moving companies provide prospective customers with low moving quotations to win bids, but add unexpected charges at the end of a move. Some of these moving companies may even hold your belongings hostage until you pay them for the full move - including the additional charges you were unaware about from the beginning!

Other moving companies provide extremely low rates simply because their services do not live up to the standards of other moving companies in your area. They may use little or low quality packing materials, their employees may lack experience or they may hire day laborers with no experience, allowing the moving company to pay extremely low salaries and provide you with a low cost for your move. Also, the moving company may not be licensed and insured or they may not have a physical building where they conduct their moving business, providing them with substantially low overhead costs. Stay away from any moving company that does not have a physical address because if anything goes wrong with your move, it will hard to track your stuff down.

After analyzing the quotes and customer satisfaction reports, determine which moving company is the right one for you based on price and quality.

When you have chosen your moving company, ask them for a Certificate of Insurance for your move. If you are moving internationally, you should obtain a separate maritime insurance as well.

If the moving company you choose quoted your move based on weight, ask them to see the transfer station weight ticket called the “Trailer Interchange Receipt” or TIR to prove that the weight of your cargo is the same weight for which they quoted you. Reputable moving companies will adjust the rate according to what the actual weight is (upwards or downwards), but the acceptable margin of error in the moving industry is 15% or less. For example, if a company estimated your belongings to weigh 7000 pounds, then you should not accept to pay for more than the price to move 8050 pounds (an increase of 1050 pounds = 15%).

From narrowing down your list of hundreds of potential moving companies to choosing only one can be a difficult and overwhelming task. However, once you get it done, you will be glad you took your time out to ensure you found a quality and trusted moving company to move and transport all of your belongings from your existing home to your new home - without a single scratch and at a reasonable price.

Whether you are moving overseas or moving to another state, Platinum Moving can guide you throughout the moving process, from packing and planning to transportation and delivery. If you are located in Maryland (MD), Washington, DC or Virginia (VA), contact our moving company to schedule a free moving estimate today!

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