Choosing a Good Moving Company While Getting a Fair Price – Part 1: Narrowing Down Your Moving Options

If you are about to relocate, most likely you will want to find a reliable moving company. However, how exactly do you find and choose a quality and trusted moving company?

Hiring a moving company is a bit like hiring a contractor: there’s the handy man- a jack-of-all-trades that can help you with anything you need on your moving day, the college students who work on the weekends, the typical “out of your garage” moving operation, the small startup moving company, the small but reputable moving company, the firmly established regional moving companies and the huge moving companies with branches or franchises in every major city.

However, the moving service quality and rates will vary greatly between these different moving firms. To ensure the moving company you choose is legitimate, will satisfy your expectations of the move and is fairly priced at market rates, follow these steps to decide which moving company to use:

  1. Contact your local Better Business Bureau office and obtain the names of at least three moving companies in your area. Choose moving companies with a B rating or higher and call each of them about their shipping, moving and storage services (Platinum Moving Services has an A rating).
  2. Choose moving companies with at least 5 years of moving experience. Relatively younger and newer moving companies can provide quality service, but there is a greater risk of customer dissatisfaction unless they are highly recommended. Ask for a list of moving clients, especially corporate moving clients and ask for letters of reference or customer service evaluations.
  3. Make sure the moving companies are bonded and licensed movers. If you are moving internationally, the moving company should have a Freight Forwarders License from the Federal Maritime Commission.
  4. Find out if the moving company is a member of any moving associations. There are a number of national and international moving associations to belong to any of these moving associations, a moving company must pass the quality standards of that association and maintain good working relations with other moving companies who are members of the same association. Look for any of the following moving associations: AMSA, CAM, FAIM, IAM, IATA, LACMA and PAIMA.

With hundreds of moving companies to choose from, planning your first move can be a daunting task. Narrow down the list of moving companies by weeding out those who do not pass industry standards and do not have a better than average customer satisfaction rating. By following this process, you will know which moving companies to research more information about and get one step closer in choosing the right mover for you.

Once you narrow down your moving list to a couple of moving companies, it is time to get a quote! Check back for our next blog post about receiving estimates from the moving companies who were qualified enough to make it onto your list.

If you are in Maryland (MD), Washington, DC or Northern Virginia (VA) and are not sure how to start the moving process, contact Platinum Moving today and we’ll be glad to help! With over 25 years of experience, we can guide you throughout your moving transition, so you will have everything at your new place when you need them and in perfect condition!

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