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November 2009

Thank you for all your assistance. Your team of men was brilliant and ensured the move to New York City was effortless!

Many thanks and best wishes.

Tania Raguz
Sept. 2008
Destination: New York City


Preparing is the key to a smooth move. Here are 10 easy steps to make your move go smoothly.
1.  Call a mover at least a month before your moving date. If it is an international move its better to call two months ahead, to make sure there are available ocean freight spaces.
2.  Get three quotes. [...]


Many people take their automobiles with them when they relocate overseas. Shipping a vehicle by land is rather easy, and most people have seen tractor trailers with cars loaded on them, but how is a vehicle shipped overseas?Vehicles can be transported on ships in two different ways: Roll on-Roll off (in the trade parlance often [...]